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Modern Art Museums in St. Petersburg

Guide to the MOST interesting contemporary art galleries & museums in St. Petersburg
Modern Art Museums in St. Petersburg
Guide to the MOST interesting contemporary art galleries & museums in St. Petersburg

Contemporary Art Museums and Galleries in St. Petersburg

The Galleries & Museums of St. Petersburg which are listed below might be marked as the alternative places and unbeaten tracks — even some of the locals haven’t visit many of them. These places may be considered as really strong points of interest for those who explore a new generation of artists.

This list contains some private and nonpublic contemporary art galleries and spaces powered by the city Government. You may order a private art guide here for deep diving into a theme. Enjoy!

Most Petersburg selection. Prepared 24.09.2018

Manege Central Exhibition Hall

Today Manege is one of the main modern and innovative exhibition spaces of St. Petersburg supported by the Government of the city. Holding more than 10 high-profile exhibitions a year, this is big point on cultural map of St. Petersburg.

Year by year the projects are more interesting, and the exhibitions are more significant and bigger.

Address - Isaac Cathedral Square, 1

Svinoe Rylo Gallery

The gallery belongs to the group "Kolhui", among which, for example, the famous Russian master of contemporary painting Kopeikin Nicolay. Here`s you will find the actual humor of today's Russia, the completeness of the collection and the absolute authenticity of Russian painting.

Address - Fontanka embankment 5

Phone number: 8 (981) 871-17-30

Marina Gisich Gallery

The gallery has been operating since 2000 and since the time of opening it managed to gain the name of one of the most significant and powerful private galleries not only in St. Petersburg, but also in Russia. All thanks to the owner — Marina Gisich, who scrupulously leads the daily process of development, selection, participation in fairs and third-party exhibitions. Marina in the literal sense of the word lives in the gallery — the space is divided into an exhibition hall, a free hall and a living space.

Address - Fontanka embankment, 121

Anna Nova Gallery

The gallery specializes in young contemporary artists who are adepts of contemporary style in all its manifestations. Space always carries an interesting curatorial plot and a bold exhibition. Recently, the gallery has a handmade jewelry store.

Address - Zhykovskogo street 28

The Museum of 20`th and 21'st century St. Petersburg art

The collection of the Museum of Art of the 20−21 century in St. Petersburg is the only Russian museum collection that diversifies the history of the development of the fine art of Petrograd-Leningrad-St. Petersburg during the 20th and first two decades of the 21st century. There are about 3000 units of storage. Located just near famous Lions Bridge makes this space so plenty for different seasons and all kind of visitors.

Adress - Griboedov canal 103

New Museum of Modern Art

A whole museum of modern art collected by Aslan Chukhoyev on the basis of his collection. A wide retrospective of different directions and time frames since the sixties of the twentieth century united by taste and sophistication combined with fresh space make the New Museum a significant place on the map of the modern cultural life of St. Petersburg.

Address — 6th Line of Vasilievsky island, 29

K Gallery

KGallery was founded in St. Petersburg in 2005. At the heart of the gallery, collection is the largest private collection of Russian and Soviet art that began to form in the mid-1980s of the twentieth century.

The collection of the gallery presents masterpieces of Russian art of the 19th and 20th centuries, beginning with the academic art of the mid-19th century, the Wanderers, the artists of the Silver Age, the avant-garde, dozens of paintings by the greatest masters of the Soviet period, and a unique collection of agitation porcelain from the 1920s and 1930s. In recent years, the collection has replenished with rare examples of the Soviet unofficial art of the 1930s-1980s.

Exhibition activity is one of the main directions of KGallery. For the history of the gallery with great success were held the exhibition of the largest Russian artists, such as Boris Grigoriev, Boris Kustodiev, Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, Kazimir Malevich, Konstantin Somov.

Address - Fontanka embankment 24

Name Gallery

Opening for the first time in 2011, gallery from the early beginning take hand on the pulse of contemporary art sphere of the city and cooperates with prominent St. Petersburg curators, scientists, artists and critics. Among the curators of local exhibitions are frequenters of Venice Biennale such as Ekaterina Andreeva, Arkady Ippolitov, Mikhail German or Olesya Turkina. The circle of artists is mostly from the New Academy of Timur Novikov: Olga Tobreluts, Oleg Maslov and Viktor Kuznetsov. But the local gallery owners remain sensitive to the young local art: they follow the generation of 30-year-olds and exhibit Ilya Gaponov's paintings, the graphics of Masha Sha and Leonid Tskhe, and sometimes they allow even such a rare gallery genre as performance to enter their walls.

Address - Bolshaya Konushennaya street, 2
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