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Private Guides in St Petersburg

Best Private Guides in St.Petersburg. Great experience, all licenses, individual approach
Private Guides in St Petersburg
Best Private Guides in St.Petersburg. Great experience, all licenses, individual approach

English guides

Olga Neuymina
English-speaking licenced guide with TV host background: Absolutely charismatic and intelligent professional with adorable knowledge base.
Mikhail Khazizov
English-speaking licenced guide with 27 years of experience. Work with individual tourists and mini groups in St. Petersburg since 1991.
Alexandra Vinogradova
Alexandra is open, positive and sociable person with many years of experience. Her professional interests are wide — she works not only as a guide, but also as an English teacher, as well as a translator and linguist.
Julia Egorova
English-speaking licensed guide. Julia has awesome communications skills and significant professional background: She took position of administration manager of Russian Olympic House on XX Winter Olympic Games in Turin 2006 (Italy).
Stepan Peregonchuk
Stepan is happy to welcome you in St. Petersburg that is rightfully regarded as a cultural gem of Russia! He would love to provide you with the knowledge of Russian history, arts, architecture, spiritual tradition and current lifestyle in a friendly way.
Anastasia Prokhorova
Professional licensed guide with English & German language skills. Anastasia successfully graduated from Duale Hochschule Baden-Wuerttemberg in 2012. Creative, responsibility person, she will provide you to amazing St. Petersburg experience.
Zara Mkrtchyan
English-speaking licensed guide. Positive, friendly, well-communicated person with numerous recommendations from happy guests.
Anatoly Karpov
High class professional English-speaking licenced guide with 41 years of experience. Positive, intelligent and diplomatic person, he knows absolutely all about St. Petersburg and even much more.
Anna Chudakova
Anna is work as an English teacher. Every week she's discover new places and sometimes she's create new routes for her private tours. As an active traveller and explorer, Anna adore showing her guests some places off the beaten track and unveil some interesting facts which are not included in guide books.
Valentina Filyakova
English-speaking licensed guide with international background. Valentina successfully pass trainees in South Korea, Finland, Ireland and Malta, she knows best world hospitality standards.
Igor Ribin
Igor have an extensive experience in guiding and culture studies, related to world and art history. He is really excels in Russia's history. You are more than welcome to try his lecture tours in a unique style of infotainment (mixing history and anecdotal storytelling) delivered with his own flair.
Daria Djurinskaya
English -speaking licenced guide with guiding background not only in Saint -Petersburg but in Moscow and Northern Europe. She will be happy to show you the city and to make you fall in love with the country.
Ilja Besmertnykh
English-speaking licenced guide with international working experience.
Love his native city and try to give this love to all his tourists.
Open-minded and creative person.
Galina Alekseevich
English-speaking licenced guide with 25 years of experience. Work with individual
tourists and mini groups in St. Petersburg.

Chinese guides

Sergey Shabelnikov
Works as a guide with Chinese language for 20 years, with a variety of clients (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia), has all the necessary licenses. Conducts tours of the Naval and Artillery Museum, Roads of life, Kronstadt, Gatchina, Novgorod. Has extensive experience working with official delegations, as well as a simultaneous interpreter
Olga Ignatova

French guides

Anouar Tuiek
Anouar un guide professionnel qui travaille avec une approche individuelle selon les intérêts de chacun. Il est amoureux de Saint-Pétersbourg et partage sa passion et ses connaissances de la ville avec ses touristes.
Vilena Kiseleva
Je suis un guide professionnel! Je suis 100% locale. Je suis diplômée de l'Université d'État (avec mention honorable), je travaille comme guide et interprète plus que 10 ans! Je suis douée pour les langues et maintenant j'apprends la 4ème langue, pour le moment je guide mes clients en anglais et en français. J'aime beaucoup travailler dans cette sphère! Une approche individuelle est garantie pour chaque client!

German guides

Elena Marova
Anna Artemova
Ich bin staatsgeprüfte Reiseleiterin mit der Erfahrung von 7 Jahren. Ich liebe Sankt Petersburg und teile gerne meine Liebe mit den Stadtgästen! Öffnen Sie das Herz für die herrliche Architektur der Stadt, berühmte weiße Nächte, die einzigartigen Zugbrücken und romantische Flüße und Kanäle!

Portugal guides

Alexander Lebedev
Guía apasionado con más de 6 años de experiencia. Tours en castellano, portugués e inglés Temas predilectos: Palacios Reales en San Petersburgo, Revolución Rusa, historia de la ciudad en el siglo XX. Una combinación de profundos
Ekaterina Kulikova
A guia amigável com graduação em museologia e proteção dos monumentos. Ela é boa não só na história das coleções do museu Hermitage, mas também pode mostrar-lhe restaurantes da moda recentemente abertos e os locais mais populares para os peterburgenses.

Spanish guides

Olga Zagnetova
Hola! Me llamo Olga. Adoro la ciudad de San Petersburgo y con sumo placer la enseño a sus visitantes. Soy guía oficial tengo licencias de Hermitage, la Fortaleza de San Pedro y San Pablo, Tsarskoe Selo, Peterhof, la Catedral de San Isaak, la Iglesia del Salvador sobre la Sangre Derramada.
Yanina Postnikova
Guía licenciada en español. Habla fluidamente el idioma. Se adapta completamente a las necesidades e intereses de cada turista.
Enamorada de su ciudad, les va a contar muchas historias fascinantes sobre la vida en San Perersburgo y su desarollo como la antigua capital del Imperio ruso.
Masha Vatavu
Hola a todos. Mi nombre es Masha. Soy guía oficial de San Petersburgo. Me apasionan el arte y la historia, así como descubrir nuevos lugares de esta encantadora ciudad. Sería un placer compartir con ustedes mis conocimientos y mi amor por San Petersburgo.
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