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St Petersburg Hermitage Museum

All necessary information about the Hermitage in St. Petersburg — description of the Museum, location, opening hours, useful tips for tourists. Buy tickets online!
St Petersburg Hermitage Museum
All necessary information about the Hermitage in St. Petersburg — description of the Museum, location, opening hours, useful tips for tourists. Buy tickets online!

Why do you need to visit the Hermitage Museum?

Because the State Hermitage Museum is the oldest and most famous museum of art in Russia. In terms of its importance, it stands on the same level as the world's most famous museums, such as the Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum of art, and the British Museum.

The Hermitage Museum complex consists of 5 buildings, the most famous of which is the Winter Palace on Palace square. It also includes the Small Hermitage, the Grand Hermitage, the Hermitage theatre, and the New Hermitage. The total collection of the Museum has more than 3 million exhibits. If you are going to come to Saint Petersburg, the Hermitage must be on your list of places to visit.
The State Hermitage Museum Guide

Hermitage Museum Location

The Hermitage address is Palace square, 2. The nearest metro station is Admiralteyskaya. The entrance to the Palace is in the Central part of the facade. You need to enter a large arch — you will get into the courtyard, and there will be an entrance.

Hermitage opening hours:
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 10:30—18:00 (ticket offices are open until 17: 00)
Wednesday and Friday 10:30—21:00 (ticket offices are open until 20: 00)
Monday is a day off
The State Hermitage Museum Guide

Hermitage online tickets

The State Hermitage Museum Guide

Useful tips for tourists before visiting the Hermitage

The Hermitage is impressive in its size and luxury. But there are so many halls, and there are so many different exhibits in them, that by the end of the first hour you will have your head spinning around this variety! Therefore, some tourists do not get much pleasure from the Hermitage, because they first stand in line for about an hour, then wander around the halls at random, and yawning, leave the Museum, tired and disappointed. Why? They don't know where to go or what to look at. We recommend using a private tour — you will have a personal guide who will be able to guide you through the most beautiful halls and show you the main exhibits, tell you about the Museum's collection as effectively as possible. You can order a skip the line private Hermitage Tour here:
We also recommend you not to visit the Hermitage right before the opening (at 10:00), as many organized tourist groups are brought in at this time. The optimal time will be after 15−16 hours, on Wednesday or Friday.

Remember that Large bags, backpacks, and suitcases will have to pass in the wardrobe (in the wardrobe up the stairs, the queue is usually less). You can not eat or drink in the halls, so as not to crumble or spill liquid on the floor, and even carry a bottle of water to the Museum will not work, since the bags at the entrance are translucent. However, you can eat and buy water at the buffet on the first floor.
The last tip: visit the General staff Building - In its halls regularly hosts temporary exhibitions, is the main Museum space to showcase contemporary art. Its visit is included in the ticket price to the Hermitage. The entrance is in the left-wing.


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