St.Petersburg Visitors Guide
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MOST Petersburg DMO
Reopening travel to St.Petersburg, Russia
The MOST Petersburg looks forward to welcome you back to the cultural capital of Russia! We are now accepting reservations beginning in September (Deals of the Month) and provide free cancellation policy & visa support for all offers.
"People want to and can travel again, whether on holiday or for business reasons"
Harry Hohmeister
Lufthansa sales chief
With the borders reopening, several new safety protocols have gone into place
These protocols include but are not limited to:
  • Crowds limited at 30 percent capacity in tourist places.

  • Tickets to main museums and activities are only available by advance reservation on a specific date (museum tickets)

  • People have to have apps on their mobile device with a QR code that shows that they are not currently sick and you have to be able to show that in order to get in.

  • Social distancing will be promoted as well, as posters on the ground guide visitors to keep six-feet of distance between each other.

  • No close-up photos or interactions with characters on street will be permitted and parades have been suspended.

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