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theatres in St. Petersburg

Here you will find information about the Mariinsky, Mikhailovsky, Alexandrinsky and other theatres of the Сultural Сapital of Russia. Those who love cultural pastime will not remain indifferent!
Theatres in St. Petersburg
Here you will find information about the Mariinsky, Mikhailovsky, Alexandrinsky and other theatres of the Cultural Capital of Russia. Those who love cultural pastime will not remain indifferent!
Among the tourists who come to the northern capital there are many of those who just don't want to see the sights only, but also to go to the theaters of St. Petersburg. In total, there are more than 100 theaters and theater groups in the city. MOST Petersburg has made a subjective top priority list of them for the city guests, interested in culture.

Mariinsky Theatre

Teatralnaya square (Metro st. "Sadovaya")
The Mariinsky Theatre is one of the largest musical theaters in Russia, which have played a leading role in the development of Russian choreographic and opera art. The orchestra of the theatre under the direction of V. A. Gergiev is one of the best symphonic groups in the world, while the opera and ballet troupes are rightfully considered the strongest among domestic and foreign groups. The repertoire of the theater ranges from classical productions to cutting-edge performances of progressive choreographers and world premieres of contemporary composers.

The Mariinsky Theatre specializes in classic art — ballet and opera. The names of the outstanding ballerina Maya Plisetskaya and the conductor Valery Gergiev are associated with this theater in St. Petersburg (he still performs there now).

For many years the theater has participated in many festival activities, which brought Mariinsky world fame. Every year, famous actors from all over the world come to the "Stars of the White Nights" festival in St. Petersburg. The Mariinsky International Ballet Festival is the only classical dance festival in Russia, and in the framework of the New Horizons festival, the works of contemporary and still little-known composers in Russia could be performed.

Mariinsky - 2

Dekabristov str., 34 (Metro st. "Sadovaya")
A new stage of the Mariinsky Theatre (Mariinsky-2), designed by Canadian architect Jack Diamond, opened in 2013. The building with a total area of 79 thousand square meters is one of the most technically equipped theater and concert venues in the world. The auditorium, built according to the tier scheme, traditional for world opera theaters, can accommodate up to 2,000 spectators. The new theater has seven aboveground and three underground floors; main, rehearsal and rear stage, rehearsal halls for ballet, opera, choir and orchestra. Concerts, lectures, educational projects for children and youth are held in four chamber halls named after Mussorgsky, Prokofiev, Stravinsky and Shchedrin.

Mariinsky-2 shares the opera and ballet repertoire with a historical stage — a number of productions were moved to a new stage, and some of them are performed on both. Performances, that require the most complex stage resources, as well as large-scale cantatas and oratorio compositions and concerts of symphonic music could be produced using the technical equipment of the new stage. Most of the last season's premieres took place on the new stage of the Mariinsky Theater: the operas "Lefty", "Simon Boccanegra", "Samson and Delilah", "Salome", "Sicilian Vespers", "Adriana Lecouvreur", the ballets "The Bronze Horseman", "Yaroslavna. The Eclipse" and others. Each season the opera tetralogy "The Ring of Nibelung" is performed on the stage of the Mariinsky-2.

Concert Hall of the Mariinsky Theatre

Pisareva str., 20 (Metro st. "Sadovaya")
The building of the Concert Hall is historically connected with the Mariinsky Theatre. In 1900, the Stage props shop and the hall of the Directorate of the Imperial Theaters designed by Viktor Schreter was built there, and it was taken over latter by the Mariinsky Theatre in 1917. For more than a hundred years, unique stage settings for performances were created in the Set Hall, many of which are still used in the repertoire of the theater.

The opening of the Concert Hall after the renovation was another significant date in the history of the Russian theater. This is the only theater and concert complex of the highest level in Russia, built in accordance with the modern achievements of building science and originally intended for conducting concert programs. In terms of technology and acoustic qualities, and this is mostly due to the efforts of Mr. Toyota, the new hall is comparable to the best concert venues in the world, such as the concert hall in Lucerne, Sapporo and Birmingham, the Berlin Philharmonic, Gewandhaus in Leipzig or Disney Hall in Los Angeles. The new hall provides the possibility of the required transformation of the stage, depending on the program for each given evening. Thus, the controllability of individual blocks of the stage allows various arrangements of the orchestral groups or shaping of an orchestra pit. The hall can also be used for staging of operas and for ballet performances.

Alexandrinsky Theatre

Ostrovskogo square (Metro st. "Gostiny dvor")
Alexandrinsky Russian State Academic Drama Theatre named after A.S. Pushkin — the first theater in the Russian Empire, is located on Ostrovsky Square and is known to all tourists as the theater "with horses on the facade." It serves as a true decoration at the background of the Catherine Garden. The specialization of this theater is the works of Russian classic play writers. Typical repertoire — "Uncle Vanya", "Inspector" and "The Seagull". Unlike the Mariinsky, Alexandrinsky was reconstructed in 2006, during which the interiors of tsarist times were restored and it now amazes the audience with the luxury and beauty of its decoration. The theater is located near the metro Gostiny Dvor / Nevsky Prospect, almost on Nevsky Prospect.

New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre

Fontanka river embankment, 49A (Metro st. "Gostiny Dvor")
New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre — The unique multipurpose theatrical center, which has no similarities either in Russia or in the West, was opened by the Alexandrinsky Theatre during the spring of 2013. Designed by Yury Zemtsov of St. Petersburg bureau "Zemtsov, Kondiain and Partners", the architectural project carefully integrates the ensemble of the New Stage buildings into the historical urban environment between Ostrovsky Square and the Fontanka River Embankment, adjacent to the main building of the Alexandrinsky Theatre. In accordance with the ideasof Valery Fokin, artistic director of the Alexandrinsky Theatre, former stage director Andrei Moguchy, who now heads Big Drama Theater of Alexander Tovstonogov, and director of the St. Petersburg State Academy of Theatrical Art Alexander Chepurov, the project began a new page in the history of Russia's oldest national theater. The activity of the complex is aimed at forming ofprerequisites for the reconstruction and development of the national theater and bringing it closer to modern culture, thus overcoming the distance between the modern theater and the publicandcreatinga new audience.

The Mikhailovsky Theatre

Iskusstv square, 1 (Metro st. "Gostiny Dvor")
The Mikhailovsky Theatre, specializes in opera and ballet as well as the Mariinsky. Though it is not so famous, it nevertheless competes very successfully with Mariinsky. The building of the Mikhailovsky Theatre is not as grandioseas the building of the Alexandrinsky Theatre. But the viewer will be amazed both bythe luxury of its interiors and by the theatrical productions themselves. A big plus for the tourist is that it is located on the Square of Arts, in the very center of St. Petersburg. Nearby are the Savior onthe Blood and the Russian Museum. Metro station "Nevsky Prospect" is within a 5-minute walk, so getting there is not so difficult.

Bolshoi Drama Theater of G. A. Tovstonogov

Fontanka river embankment (Metro st. "Sennaya Square", "Gostiny Dvor")
The Bolshoi Drama Theatre was founded in 1918 - it is one of the first theaters,created after the October Revolution. The current name was given to it in 1956, in honor of its eleventh stage and artistic director- G. A. Tovstonogov. This is one of the few domestic theaters, that played an important role in the development of high-quality Russian dramaby itsrepertoire policy. Honoring oftraditions, declared as a credo at thevery opening, is maintained tothepresent days,dueto the efforts of the current directors and actors of the troupe in the theater.

The theatre is located in a building,designed by the Swiss architect Fontan in 1876-1878, which was rebuilt after a fire in 1900-1901. The interiors of the theater astound you with the richness and elegance of its decoration: the ceilings are decorated with picturesque paintings, the decor elements are gilded, the openwork marble staircase is illuminated with lanterns in art nouveau style.

Today the Academic Theater of G. A. Tovstonogov has these two venues: a richly decorated large hall with 1119 seats in it and a small cozy stage for 209 spectators. Each venue offers a rich repertoire of performances. On both stages, the performances of world and national classics are staged. Fans of the modern drama are recommended to pay attention to the repertoire of the small stage, where you can see the author's performances,based on the poetry of Frederico Garcia Lorca or Stravinsky operas.

The Maly Drama Theatre

Rubinshteina str., 18/14 (Metro st. "Vladimirskaya", "Dostoevskaya")
The Maly Drama Theatre was established in 1944 in Leningrad. A small troupe showed its performances only intowns and villages of the Leningrad region. In 1973, a student of G. Tovstonogov, Efim Padva, was invited to the position of theater’schief director. He managed to attract the cooperation of famous playwrights and young directors, one of them was Lev Dodin. Gradually, the theater began to gain reputationin the city. From 1983 to the present day, Lev Dodin is an Artistic Director of the Maly Drama Theatre. Nowadays MDT is not only recognized as one of the leading theaters in the country, but also widely known and popular all over the world.

Maly Drama Theatre repeatedly won the Golden Mask award and is one of the three theaters on the planet, which bears the honorary title of the "Theater of Europe".

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