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weather in st petersburg

Learn more about the seasons in St. Petersburg & find out what is the weather right now
weather in st petersburg
Learn more about the seasons in St. Petersburg & find out what is the weather right now
When you are planning a trip to St. Petersburg, we advise you to consider what time of year you are traveling. The fact is that St. Petersburg looks completely different in each of the four seasons.

Summer in Petersburg is short. Usually, it starts in June. The summer season here is characterized as moderately warm, at times even cool. On average, the summer temperature of St. Petersburg ranges from +16 to + 25 ° C, but lately there have been hot periods when the thermometer indicates +30, and sometimes + 32 ° C. However, the heat does not last long, not more than a week.

June is rightly considered the best time to visit St. Petersburg. Due to its northern location, the city has such an amazing phenomenon as the White Nights, when the evening dawn converges with the morning. White nights are named because even in the darkest time June night is so light that it looks more like a twilight morning.
Autumn in Petersburg smoothly replaces summer. September is usually warm, as if for a little more continuing the summer life of the city. Like many other Russian cities, St. Petersburg is beautiful in the fall, unusually, especially sunny weather. St. Petersburg's "golden autumn" was inspired by many poets and writers of the golden age of Russian literature, such as Pushkin, Lermontov, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and others. In October, the weather gradually worsens, the temperature begins to drop, and by the end of the month, the first signs of an approaching winter appear. In November, the first snow sometimes falls. The average autumn temperature of St. Petersburg ranges from +8.3 to 3 ° C.

Winter in St. Petersburg begins a little later than in other regions of Russia. Low temperature is set, as a rule, by the beginning of December. The winter period of time here can be described as relatively mild, but often changeable. This is due primarily to the influence of sea air masses brought by westerly and southwesterly winds from the Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic Sea. Therefore, so often heavy snowfalls are replaced by rain and fog, and short cold periods, when the temperature reaches -12 ° C, alternate with thaws. January and February are considered to be the coldest months in St. Petersburg. On average, winter temperatures range from -8 to -10.3 °. However, winter is not a reason for citizens to refuse to walk, and tourists to visit St. Petersburg. After all, the winter in no way begs the beauties and sights of the northern capital of Russia.

Spring begins around mid-March. There are days when the temperature does not fall below zero. The snow covering the city begins to melt. However, the spring of St. Petersburg can not be called bright, with a stunning blue sky. Here spring days are characterized by slush, puddles, wind and gray skies. Nevertheless the spring weather is not too friendly, it does not darken the mood of the citizens. On the contrary, the arrival of spring gives a good reason to arrange a holiday and city festivities, such as Maslenitca. The peak of the spring drip falls in April. By this time, the warming is already becoming obvious, because the thermometer with confidence shows +3.5 + 4 ° C, and the return of birds from warm countries speaks eloquently about the entry of spring into its legal rights. The sun, however, does not appear often, mostly April days are accompanied by overcast, fog and rain. Only by May, by the month, which is considered the most attractive of all the spring months, skies clear up a little bit.

St. Petersburg, Russia weather in celsius

Saint Petersburg, Россия

St. Petersburg, Russia weather in fahrenheit

Saint Petersburg, Россия

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